Monday, February 29, 2016

If Egg Head and Beardy Rapper don't scare you the Black Lace will

If the idea of Eurovision doesn't frighten you already then a glimpse of the Bosnia & Herzegovina entry will do the job nicely.

I haven't added it to the blog as I fear for my readers' health but if you are feeling brave then the link will take you to their performance. Now, normally good old B&H do well but I don't hold out much hope this year. It starts with a sort of electro-cello that looks like parts of a robot gone wrong. It is probably made from very expensive alloys of some type but second fright comes with the lady playing it. Hair pulled back so the roots strain and she looks pretty ancient and that is too old for the see-through black lace affair she is wearing.

Blink and you'll miss her perhaps but open your eyes only for fear factor three when the Egg Man arrives on a balcony in a scary building somewhere in what used to be Yugoslavia. His head is so smooth on top it looks unreal.

He has another black haired partner who is just plain plain and then  just as you think it's all over, along comes Beardy Rapper Bloke looking and sounding dreadful.
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