Friday, February 26, 2016

So it's Joe and Jake to represent UK in Eurovision.

Tonight we get to choose the UK entry. First we see last year's winner reprise Heroes and, of course, it comes with its super light effects and squiggly characters. Our entries are simply not going to look as good as that which is a bit unfair. Having said that, I hope we go for a gentle number that will stand out becaise it doesn't have that huge background or shocks on the back screen.

The talented Mel Giedroyc is a super host, very intelligent and handles all sorts of odd happenings in her stride. For example, we were due to see the Stockholm stage but it didn't appear so she just remarked on how quick it came and went!

Katrina of Katrina And The Waves is there from 1997, the last year that we won.

Dulcima are first to perform. As a band they are pretty good but the girl struggles on her own, the lyrics not really flowing well. I guess she must be nervous. Seemed that way but the guys carried her along and she gained strength later. It's not bad and would get a reasonable number of votes. They have a good natural look, a bit folk-weird which is no bad thing.

Matthew James is the more mature entrant. He was in a boy band many years ago. I tend to worry about people who were in bands I don't remember doing terribly well now doing Eurovision. This is the straight song. I don't think it stands much of a chance. Nice bloke but not suitable for Eurovision and it really wouldn't do a great deal in the UK charts either. Cue polite applause.

Darline have been my favourite to date. Now, how will they manage on stage? They did quite well but were a little weak in places and I wonder how that would work on the very big stage. Still the best so far and, maybe if they stand a bit closer together, they'd do well. The audience love them. Good reception. They need to interact more and that would help. Lots of support from the crowd for sure and that counts for a lot.

Karl William Lund was in a Beatles tribute band in Greece! OK. This is all him. He wrote the song as well as performs it alone. Zero production on this. It needs some backing and more emphasis. It just doesn't work that well and he is off-key quite a bit too which I guess is due to nerves. He really ought to do his own song right.

Bianca next. She has a similar title song to the last winner in 97. She has a good number of smart people behind her, including Leona Lewis who helped write it. Quite professional. Quite commercial and a pretty girl standing there will get lots of votes too. But something doesn't work for me in the song. It's a bit of a mess, quite frankly with an accompaniment that sounds odd. Listening to the panel and the audience there, she stands a good chance of being selected. Interesting. She did certainly put a lot into that.

Joe & Jake were Voice UK lads from a while ago. Neither did particularly well there or have done much since. Now this is quite a good song but they are a bit weak as a pairing. Eurovision should like a couple of good-looking young lads, though, and they're not bad, mostly in tune as well. A fairly strong song but I don't see it winning.

So far, Bianca has made all the running. Joe and Jake have the catchy i, i, i bit.

And Joe And Jake win the vote. Their second attempt was a lot better too. Good luck to them. They'll need it. I do hope they get the last not right on the night.

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