Monday, February 29, 2016

Watch Austrian blokes watch pretty girl in Teletubby Land.

This is Zoë. She represents Austria and is about as far removed from Conchita as you can get, unless she turns out to be a boy after all. I featured some clips of the background to her song in an earlier post and this is the full song. I think it's quite pretty and trundles along nicely in a harmless sort of way that many voters like.

I had hoped that we would have something similar but, actually, this is better than what we might have entered. It stands out at the moment as so many of the others are either earnest and earthy blokes, scary, odd or just terrifyingly bad performers.

It's gently fun. Just do try to take your eyes off the dress. Watch the mushrooms. the audeince seems to comprise solely blokes. That must be why she won. It's not a bad number and may do quite well.

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