Monday, February 22, 2016

Darline could give us our best chance for many years in Eurovision

We now have the six tracks offered for Eurovision 2016 as the UK Entry.

The stand-out for me is Until Tomorrow by Darline who opened for The Shires and have done some cool stuff over the last year. If the link isn't working and to hear the others, go to the BBC page.

Of the others, Joe & Jake seem pleasant enough lads who did reasonably well on The Voice a while back but their number is a bit reminiscent of Sweden's Heroes without the style.

Bianca is probably my second choice with a nice track co-written by Leona Lewis and a few others are behind the scenes on this one with experience. She's good but I can't really see it doing much.

Dulcima are another duo who sound good but it's a pretty forgettable number. Your fingers may strum for a while but odd things happen in the middle and you'll want to go and make some coffee.

Matthew James is an excellent singer. No idea where he comes from or who is behind him. Nice but 'nice' doesn't win. And this is a bit tedious after a while too.

Karl wrote Miracle himself and he's an impressive singer and it's not a bad song at all. It just wouldn't do much in Europe and probably wouldn't do much in our own charts. I guess it might challenge Bianca for second place but they all lose out by quite a long way to the young girls, Darline, who should be our representatives in May.

They remind me of a Netherlands duo from the year before last and one or two other quite gentle but appealing tracks that have made the Top 5. I give them a decent chance and get the feeling they won't be totally put off by the live show either.

One of the girls is Cára Beard so expect some silly jokes about a girl with a beard winning Eurovision again.
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