Sunday, May 23, 2010

American Idol: semi final Pt 2

A strange show. The first twenty minutes seemed to be taken up with Ryan Seacrest chatting pretty inanely to the remaining three who really just wanted to know whether they'd be spending the next days rehearsing their final tracks and the now familiar videos of whole towns turning out to welcome one or other of the three, assuming they can actually see them through the darkened windows of the ridiculously ugly black limos or behind the bodyguards to whom the same adjectives could probably apply.

Some guy called Travis (not the Scots one from the late 1990s) appeared and mimed his way through a new release that might give Wham a good excuse to get back together again. In fact, tv viewers didn't get much of the Travis fellow as the cameraman clearly preferred a girl dancer who may well turn out to be the most memorable part of the whole show. She must have been delighted at the shots of just her against a shiny red background.

Nice to hear Creedence Clearwater Revival backing the Crystal trip to Toledo. Just comparing the crowds for the three and the way each handled the whole thing would put Crystal and Lee into the final. As it happens, and as I suspected, the votes went that way too and it was farewell to Casey.

Predicting the final winner of AI9 is not easy. I've been backing Crystal ever since the earliest days and I still think she has the raw, natural talent and will be around for years to come. However, more clever song choices by the Lee camp, especially a repeat of The Boxer may well put him ahead. It could be all down to what they have as the 'single' song that both have to perform, although we do have to remember that Adam Lambert easily won all the rounds from start to finish and made a much cooler job of the 'single' but still came 2nd.

Oh, there was also some kid performing just before the announcement.
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