Saturday, May 01, 2010

Eurovision 2010: Slovakia

I had this in amongst 'the others' but as I'm struggling to find ten for a top ten I replayed one or two and decided to rescue Slovakia. Not just because the girl has to be one of the prettiest in the contest this year. She sings fantastically well, albeit not as interestingly as the really cool chick from Germany or as passionately as the slightly frightening Ukraine blonde. It has to do reasonably well as I can't imagine a single one of Slovakia's near neighbours not giving her a decent number of points. I still stick by what I said first, though. It has all been done before and if she tries that dance with the tape in Oslo and gets tangled up it won't go down so well. I also wonder just how impressive she'll be when she doesn't start off a beautiful green colour like an elf and finish with completely different make-up and hair.

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