Friday, April 30, 2010

Eurovision 2010: the others

Something about butterflies. Nice but ponderous stuff although it does eventually start to build. If you see the video they all disappear at one point. Hope that doesn't happen on the night. Or maybe it won't make a great deal of difference.

Bosnia & Herzegovina
The country that lent its initials to a pack of cigarettes and usually is a dead cert for the top 10 presents us with some heavy and angry track this year. It's accomplished but lacks a hook line.

Powerful and well-written and sung by a decent-looking chap and not all in English which was even quite refreshing. I like the girl with a basket in the video but don't reckon the 'everyone's following me and amazed at what I'm singing' thing will work on stage.

Femminnem is one of those names you just wish they hadn't chosen but there you go. Not sure I'd want to argue with these 30-something girls shaking their dresses. Formulaic stuff which combines all sorts of others you'll have heard before. That could be good for its chances but I think it's all a bit too intense and not really believed by the singers.

A touch of Glee but it's not a contender.

Whoo-hoo. Some disturbing video. Seriously serious and 21stC and not at all what you expect in Eurovision. Now that may not be a bad thing. Just unexpected. If the stage performance matches the video then that could scare some voters to support it.

Another disturbing video. The girl with the accordion worries me, as do men that look like these men do, and clapping. the Greeks will like it.

FYR Macedonia
Here's a Manic Street Preacher with some rap from an angry bloke. Talented guitarist somewhere too.

Lovely girl, but that doesn't make the song any better. Even the big bang ending doesn't make up for some decidedly odd notes on the way. neither one thing nor the other which is a pity.

Opa. Genuinely awful, which I might have guessed from the title. Usual national folk stuff that you'd find in a cafe with plate flying around which can hardly be described as original material. I suppose the silly bits added in were an attempt to make a 1910 song suit 2010. Er, no.

Miss Bj√∂rk. No, not that one. Je ne sais quoi it's called. I do. It won't win. the site says she surprises us by singing in French! No she doesn't. the title's French, that's all.

Straight song. Sung well by their equivalent of Adam Lambert but not as charismatic or original. In fact the only thing they have in common is that they both were expected to win their country's Pop Idol shows and didn't. The bookies seem to rate this one so I may have to add the video and include in my slightly more reasonable section if the shortish odds persist.

Aisha sings in something approximating to English. The lyrics are hilarious and I really hope she wins just so we can have a good laugh.
What for I'll be dreaming?
I asked my Uncle Joe.
What for do people live until they die?
Only Mr God knows why.
Wonderful stuff.

Oh dear. Eastern European kind of funk. I didn't understand.

Almost what you expect from Malta. A quality song and a quality singer in anthemic ballad style. But this isn't good enough. One of a few I didn't actually listen too all the way through.

The site says His fans have high hopes for the entry, what do you think of it? Better ask them. I don't get it.

All I remember is a fat candle on a shiny piano and some terrible notes. A non-starter and I am now beginning to lose the will to live.

A scary looking duo. I'd sure run away. It eventually gets going when they stand up and this song will have its appeal being the better of this bad bunch. It's one of a few I'd seen before several times. It gets worse each time, that's the problem.

Some really odd stuff coming from recent winners this year. Despite all their friends and an Android appealing enough to all three genders I just don't see this getting anywhere. The hair style might, though.

They've had little success to date but this could bring some cheer. Maybe some cheques too but not Czechs. A traditional sound many will feel at home with. Heavy drum beat the Ukraine will like. Backing group looking tough and the kind of complicated routine on stage others will approve of. Nothing much else ever really happens though. Pity.

No. no. This simply does not work. Didn't wait for it to finish.

Don't hear much of Switzerland these days. Try not to think about this guy's ears. It's a good song although you just want to kick it into action a bit. If it makes it past the 1st round I may re-review without looking at the ears.

Clever backing track and some smart rock stuff but the song is still tedious.
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