Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dorothy last 9

Not the most exciting of evenings. With one exception, little to choose between any of them on tonight's performances.
Dani 6
Good solid and faultless performance. Only minus point really was the same tone in her voice throughout, no shade and her expression is a bit severe.
Sophie 6
Attractive and some effort made to convince but not totally successful. Cheerful girl who could do better and worth keeping.
Lauren 7½
Moves fairly well. Difficult and complicated performance (with a silly, so-signposted lift). Better voice than the first two and likeable personality.
Emily 4
Lovely voice but important notes missed and that could annoy voters. She could be in trouble, I think, especially in direct comparison with who follows. Her acting was terribly wooden, doll-like too. Not a good song choice to impress with, either.
Stephanie 8
I can see this girl on the posters and in the show. Having said that, she moved way away from that image tonight. Great dancer and controlled her presence but strangely not as sexy as I would expect from the Jennifer Lopez number, despite the short skirt and polka dots. She is a contender but not so sure the voters will have understood that. Odd song choice, again.
Steph 9½
Well interpreted. Very well. Accurate, mostly, too. Rose above herself and deserves to stay.
Jenny 11
She's the one. Fabulous. Just a few surprising wobbles when moving around but just tremendous personality and acting.
Jessica 12
Well done. Maybe a little over-interpreted but one of the best of the night.
Danielle 12
Another 'natural Dorothy' in many ways. Fabulous singer. Spot on and nice nature too. She could be catching Jenny.
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