Saturday, April 17, 2010

American Idol: and now it's just 7

Seeing Siobhan and Aaron survive I got the feeling that it would be Katie going, despite what I had thought was a really good performance. Sure enough it was and you have to wonder whether even such a great effort on her part was doomed with a track that so few would have known and which didn't have that memorable factor either. I guess she wasn't really going to win so the difference between coming 8th and, probably at best, 3rd is marginal. All the Top 10 are in the massive shows that'll be rolling out across the country over the next year and which will earn them loads and those with real talent will soon be back again. Seeing the beautiful Bryce on the results show emphasises that - she was 5th or 6th if my memory serves me well and now has a whole new world at her feet.

The real star of the whole two nights, though, was the incredible Adam Lambert. Quite extraordinary. I still can't understand how he didn't win but now, what the hell!? I wonder if he'll break into the UK market soon? Strangely, all his publicity and promotion seems to have passed us by on this side of the pond. In fact most American Idols seem to stay just that. We love their TV shows, their films, their Google and Microsoft, their burgers and the fries. Many of their stars make it here but their Idols? Not yet.

Oh. AndrewG went too.
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