Monday, April 12, 2010

Dorothy last 10

Forgot to mention that Amy left last week, not who I expected although she was going to be pushed out sooner or later as, attractive and competent as she may be, she didn't seem to fit the bill for the innocent Dorothy they wanted :)

So now, this week. Well, apart from two, possibly three notable exceptions, this was a poor and somewhat tedious evening. In fact, I couldn't be bothered to do this update and am only now watching the results show.

So here's what I thought to Saturday's group:

Sophie 10 
Jessica 4 
all over the place and a bit bland
Bronte 6½ 
moves like she's on strings but she did put a lot of effort and with a bit more shading could be good
Dani 9 
a good singer and a genuine performer but this was still a little uninspiring
Steph 5 
she tried but it really didn't work. More fun than some though
Jenny 20 

a beautiful version of Songbird - faultless. A star. Actually the star of the group.
Danielle 16 
an excellent effort - the girl's got something
Lauren 10 
a good translation of this number
Emily 12 
Confident and proving a popular performer
Stephanie 16½ 
Spot on. A contender. She also seems to look like a Dorothy to me for reasons I haven't a clue why!

Farewell to Bronte this week as two of the Lord Andrew's 'top five' bombed with the telephone people. Lauren definitely outsang an off-key Bronte but may have trouble getting enthusiasm where it matters - with the premium rate diallers, an odd crowd.
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