Wednesday, April 07, 2010

American Idol Top 9 Reviews Pt II

Tim 9
Far better than before - a different guy on stage tonight (well, last night - UK gets the programme a day behind). A bit restrained when he could have let go and got some extra ☼ points but pretty damn good and the girls will not worry about the rubbish guitar-playing - and they're the votes he needs. Pretty cool overall and spot on in many ways. Back in the game. Just.

Casey 17
Just really good, great choice and that performance should seal a place for the next few weeks. This guy is one of the very few that deserve to be competing as an American Idol.

Siobhan 15
Of all the hundreds of lennon & McCartney tracks to go for this was one big risk. I don't know of any other attempt at this but she came close to making it her own and a little special. In places, brilliant, although that may escape the attention of those dialling in ATT premium rate land. She looked good too - a genuine artiste. Oddly, despite the 10½ point difference between her and Aaron, I'd be nervous tomorrow in her shoes.

Lee 13
Good strong crowd-pleaser. He can sing and is building up a lot of confidence. Reminiscent of the 2008 David winner. If Casey slips up, he's got a chance. And anyone who can admit to choosing a bagpipe player to accompany a delivery of Hey Jude deserves some support.
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