Wednesday, April 07, 2010

American Idol Top 9 Reviews Pt I

Aaron 4½
Long and long-winded, uninspiring. This is from someone in the top nine of hundreds of thousands in 2010?? Surely not. Saving grace: it was in tune.

Katie 14
Crystal clear and accurate, a confident performance. She looked good and you felt you were watching someone who cared. Definitely in her groove at last this week. Well done, with even some, just a little, star quality for the first time that should see her back next week.

AndrewG 7
OK, sort of. More fun than for many weeks but not much more than a sing-along really and certainly not finalist material which is just another reminder of the shortfall in expectations this year, so many seeming to peak at the auditions. He should have gone last week. May not this week, though.

Mike 16
I'm starting to expect something great from this guy, a bit like waiting for Adam to perform in 2009. And he's close to delivering the goods too. Not all of it worked and it wasn't my favourite rendition of Eleanor Rigby either but he's shown that there's a huge difference between him and the other two boys who preceded him tonight. I can see that as an album track.

Crystal 16½
Now hear is someone I really do look forward to seeing each week, and I can well imagine buying her album(s). I couldn't figure out what on earth she could do with Come Together but she built it up and up and was really getting into the groove when it stopped. Shame, but I can see that going down a storm on a real stage without ad breaks coming up. Nice work, although not so sure she should be 'nice'. Beat Mike this week.
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