Friday, April 23, 2010

American Idol Top 7 Reviews Pt II

There seems something not quite right about status symbol ads in the middle of Idol Gives Back and you have to wonder why, for one week, Silent Night, Bernard ruddy Matthews, Heinz, Nintendo etc., or even ITV2 themselves, couldn't zip up. Ignoring the silly ads, though, the great and the good were there, including Obama & Michelle delivering the words from a screen pront quite well and Bill Gates with Mrs Gates looking far more comfortable.

Annie Lennox amazed from Britain with the classy and heartfelt Universal Child (which I recommend Didi Benami tries on tour). I can't recall ever seeing anyone attempting Led Zeppelin's classic Stairway to Heaven live before and was impressed with Mary Jo Blige and a rock entourage obviously enjoying themselves.

Carrie Underwood wowed everyone, not just by the way she looks, but with a great song and live, reminding us that the show really can promote great talent. David Cook, too, with just a guitar put on one hell of a good performance to an audience of 7 year old African kids and a couple of cameramen. It was interesting to see just who of the last competitors you could imagine in similar roles next year or the year after.

I genuinely believe Crystal would have made a brilliant job of the Josh Stone version of I Put A Spell On You track near the start of the show, especially with good ol' Jeff Beck accompanying her. Nice to see him back in the limelight again after 40 years.

The performance by the Top 10 was lacklustre with only Crystal and Siobhan seeming to play any major part, the latter looking very cool this week as well as almost uncomfortably tall. They really should object to being asked to do some doltish sing-a-long at the start of each show. They're individuals and I feel sorry for people like Crystal, Lee and Casey doing the dance and chorus like puppets.

The bottom three were more or less as I'd predicted: Casey, Aaron and Tim. Aaron won the teenage vote this time and we bade farewell to Tim who appears, at least in the edition I watched, to have been spared the final song and wave goodbye stuff. That was probably just as well after the witty remarks about all that from the woman comedian earlier in the show.
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