Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dorothy last 8

Jenny 7
Nice choice of Duffy's Warwick Avenue. A little weak in places but nicely done. Nothing brilliant this week, though, so a bit disappointing. Obvious comparisons with the writer who really knew how she felt whereas that didn't come across as well.

Emilie 9
Great idea, totally changing her image with Cyndi's Girls Just Want To Have Fun. Well, she tried but the true blue accent and operatic intonation didn't suit the lyrics (want to instead of wanna). I'm sure the voters will have liked it, though, and I guess Dorothy is quite old-fashioned and her image could suit that. [It didn't.]

Stephanie 16
Superb singer and she has that sparkle tonight which could really blow this competition wide open. Brilliant performance. Someone does need to dress her better, though, and yellow just does not suit her at all. If she did get well made-up and clothed then she could be a big threat.

Lauren 8
Less familiar song may mean she doesn't get as much support as her excellent performance deserves. Very good in all respects but still searching for that 'star' quality.

Sophie 7
Spot-on vocals but I think the mic settings were off at the start. at least I hope they were. The song didn't suit her and may not go down so well. She can do so much better but I think the public will vote for her.

Jessica 4
Lacklustre, also drowned by odd arrangement of yet another tedious and ill-matched song. She could be in trouble as there were no real rescuing factors there.

Danielle 8
I'm still impressed by this girl. Cry Me A River may not have been the best song to display her talents and the strange length of red dress did her absolutely no favours at all. She just looks the part and can definitely sing really really well.

Steph 16
She's improving dramatically, almost literally. Excellent choice of Use Somebody made her seem modern and avoided difficult notes. She looked cool and as if she was enjoying herself and seemed very professional. A big change. She has to be in the running now.
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