Wednesday, April 14, 2010

American Idol Top 9 (again) reviews

Crystal 10½
For some reason this didn't seem to suit her, excellent though she was in almost every way. Kinda thing you might find on a B side. Top marks for quality and solid performance but no extras this week. I wonder how the public voters will take it, bearing in mind the big teenage fan numbers building up for one or two others who really ought to be going but may not.

AndrewG 4
So good to see Adam Lambert being so honest. This was not good. OK, in tune but eminently missable. I've never rated this guy who for some reason was favourite at one point. With two departing this week, surely he has to be one of them, and I'm writing this without having yet seen the others.

Tim 14
That worked well. Possibly his best effort so far and making up for several weeks of average. Again, great advice from Adam who seems to be right on contestants' wavelengths. His fans will like that and the judges' complimentary remarks will boost his confidence of making the final few. Need to see what Aaron comes up with, though, who could split his support vote. People will remember that and I can see him going down a gentle storm during the tour with that simple track. He always looks a bit out of place doing the Glee smiley stuff, as does Crystal but for different reasons.

Lee 8½
If this track hadn't already been done that way a few years ago this would have been brilliant. Unfortunately, it had been and he just seemed to be doing a copy, admittedly very competently. Not a good week for him but not a bad one either. Solid, not inspiring. Judges seemed to love it so maybe it was better in the studio that on the screen.

Aaron 7
Hmm. Where's he going with this. Break half-way through made a difference and just rescued it. No mistakes and a decent performance although he just couldn't really grab the song and make it his, which would have been damn difficult anyway. No idea about this one really. He may be in trouble as Tim did so much better. Way better than AndrewG though.

Siobhan 10
Terrible ending. She almost went in a fabulous direction that would have had everyone raving about good she was but, instead, may have lost a lot of people. Who is she? Bit mixed up and confusing. Sheena Easton meets someone else. That won't do her much good this week but she does look fantastic and, with someone telling her what to do, this girl could be a star. Hence my marks (5+5).

Mike 11
He (or someone) is picking great songs to perform. This seemed too short to tell the story, though. Nicely presented and one of a few that have that extra spark so far this time. The 'save' made sense.

Katie 14½
That was the best performance so far. Great look and style. Well done. Not at all familiar with the track which may cause her some problems but she deserves to stick around and actually out-Crystalled Crystal in my view. I don't see her winning (unless she's dead lucky with selections and happens on some tracks that just suit her and no-one else as can happen as we know!) but heading for a place in the last few and comes across as someone who could sell records and deliver some goods.

Casey 9
Rounding off the week and with generally pretty average competition preceding his stroll on stage, he had every chance of walking off with a huge smile and securing that good solid place in the last 7 which ought to see him through to a final. He didn't really take it, just cruised, again. Pity.

The star of the show, however, has to be Adam Lambert who was really good both as a mentor and in communicating so well on screen. Amazing guy, but when is he going to break into the UK?

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