Saturday, April 03, 2010

Dorothy last 11

Stephanie 9
Not easy on the eye with that lipstick but great performer and notes spot on. Lousy diction.

Lauren 9
Beautiful voice and control but just marginally less than inspirational

Dani 8
Odd choice of song and laying back didn't work. Talented and has that star quality but not much displayed tonight.

Steph 5
Shaky in places, bright in others. Not sure she'll go that far.

Amy 9
Competent, attractive but doesn't suit this role. Just something missing but she could find it. This is just the start, after all

Danielle 11
You have to pay attention to this girl, even if she does miss notes. Lots of belief in what she does.

Emily 4
Looked really scared, probably worrying about what the judges would say about all those odd notes and the 'rabbit in the headlights' look. She's better than this, if she survives, which I think Lord Andrew will ensure for this week, at least.

Bronte 17
Brilliant. Everything just worked so well. Not sure about the nightie, though. Odd but she could be a star and one of my predictions to win.

Jessica 15
Strong performance. Lots of acting but not the best of voices. Another with star quality, though.

Sophie 18
Second best of the night. Everything good and a real star.

Jenny 20
Easily the best tonight. Professional - she could perform anywhere already. Dorothy? Dunno but she's great.
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