Wednesday, May 19, 2010

American Idol: semi final Pt1

Casey kicked off with something that few of us would ever have heard of. Now that could have been a great move if it had been a track we'd all want to download or seek out on YouTube. It wasn't. Sorry, Casey that was a B side at best and if discs had three sides it would be on the third. OK I'm all right may be his kind of music but it sure isn't going to help him get more votes than Lee or Crystal from US telephone land.

Crystal followed with Come To My Window which I guess just as few will have heard as the last one. the difference is, though, that it was great. The audience loved it and it could well be a single and that single would fly into the Billboard Hot 100. This was Crystal, naturally, singing her heart out and it was exactly what people who support her wanted to hear.

Lee with A Simple Man came up with a good song choice and stepped into Crystal's zone too, whilst making Casey totally forgettable in two minutes. He is increasingly reminding me of David Cook and we know how that turned out.

Casey follows up with Daughters, chosen by Cara and that was much better. Still, though, something lacking and he didn't come across as really feeling or meaning the words. Just a bit lame overall with no good finish to get his fans' hearts a-beating and fingers a-dialling. Simon, as always throughout this year of Idol, was spot on. It didn't have the 'Wow!' factor but he did sing well.

Crystal with Baby I'm Amazed certainly did have that elusive 'Wow!' factor and should be safely through to next week. She put her stamp on the track and showed a massive range and texture. A very clever choice by Ellen.

Lee had the good fortune to have Simon picking a song and that is bound to be a smart choice by someone who understands what's needed to bring him back for the final next week. There's choosing, though, and there's taking that choice and doing something with it. No-one could have expected the trump card of Hallelujah!! One very very cool move. Biggest moment on the show for a long time and even though it was a cut short edition, he sang excellently and even had a choir to help it along. The others must surely be crying 'Foul!' but . . they had all the choices in the first section and don't tell me they don't all get a chance to chat with Simon. That should seal Casey's fate and see him watching himself over and over again as that performance is repeated.
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