Saturday, May 01, 2010

Eurovision: second thoughts already!

I have to keep reminding myself that votes will be cast after just the one performance. Songs that grow on your over a few weeks may be great and probably turn out to be the ones that better stand the test of time. My favourite tracks on albums are seldom the biggest hits. Duffy's 'Rockferry' for example took a while and I genuinely look forward to hearing it again. But it was Mercy that got the initial attention, the instant buzz.

So I need to temper my inclination to change my predictions just because I'm getting used to a track. What I wanted to write was that I am not as enthusiastic now about the Azerbaijan, Moldova or Sweden entries. And I now absolutely adore the German girl. Denmark's great too.

What I shall write instead is that Azerbaijan do deserve their current favourite position as it does grab you instantly and I'm sure she'll appeal. Germany is the one my money's going on, though. If that little girl can appear on the night as carefree, natural as in the video and if she doesn't get told by a host of choreographers and advisors to do anything other than act and look just as she is then she will capture hearts all over the place. If it were anyone other than Germany I'd say she would win this by a mile.

Seeing betting odds approaching 600 for Slovenia I thought I'd better look again in case I'd got muddled up with Slovakia. The bookies are probably right, unless the voters are all mad. But then they'll go for Netherlands or Russia or even Aisha from Latvia :)

Here's my revised Top Ten:
Germany | Azerbaijan | Denmark | Sweden Moldova | France | Norway | Slovakia | Armenia | Ukraine
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