Thursday, May 27, 2010

Eurovision 2010: 2nd semi final review

Having found some dusty old Bay City Rollers' trousers somewhere I can probably understand the desire of five odd-looking guys to remove them but not, please, when they're wearing such embarrassing knickers underneath. I suppose Eurovision has to have a bit of complete bollocks and this seems to be it, or them.

♪Armenia ▼►
I always want to see small countries sock it to the big boys and this is a catchy number that I had as a Top 10 contender but not so sure now, after seeing some massive great apricot stone sitting on the stage.

UK's Josh really does lose out in both the pretty boy and singing ability stakes to a couple of countries, Israel being one of them. Even unbelievably white teeth, though, don't convince me that this deserves its current 3rd favourite placing. In fact, the guy failed to hit a few of the notes this evening but he got some super-human high one near the end so I guess that'll be OK then.

♪Denmark ▲ ►
Yes!! There's a wind machine on the real stage too!! This is my favourite. Love it. Great track that just makes you feel uplifted if not blown away. My prediction for a winner if the German girl doesn't get the votes.

If big ears are your thing then this will appeal. Otherwise it just starts and stops and not a lot more, other than some ladies in expensive-looking dresses wandering off in no particular direction for no particular reason.

Sweden ▲ ►
Another excellent track. One girl (who genuinely can sing well). One huge guitar. Well-written song. Oh, pity about the extra singers at the end. Still, should do well and she has a sort of vulnerability.

The favourite, at the time of writing. Iconic dark haired girl singer looks a lot better without the woolly leg covering from the initial video release. Powerful and modern number that will, without a doubt, be very close to the top on Saturday. She didn't quite get things right at the end, though, and if nerves kick back in at the final then she may be disappointed. I still reckon she'll be the one getting all the Balkan and ex-USSR votes, though. Gosh, this is a strong set of semi final contenders.

♪Ukraine ▲ ►
You can be sure of remembering Ukraine's entries from year to year. Fabulous song and well sung, seriously, but . . not so sure it'll be that popular and whether Ukraine even go through in such a tight round is uncertain.

Oh, here we go. Sha la la lee, sha la la sha la. Or words to that effect. Am I in 1973? At least it should steal votes from the awful Greek Opa business. For that reason only I hope it goes through.

♪Romania ▲►
Yet another good performance and this is one to worry Azerbaijan. Possibly the highest note in black leather on the night.

I've got a few pounds on this at 580-1. I can't get comparison with a Slumdog Millionaire theme out of my head and find the girl's 'Naivo' terriblt catchy. Nevertheless I admit to the distinct possibility that, in this group, they could have trouble getting through.

Don't know if was just my TV put the sound didn't seem right. Nice song but seems a little out of place. I like the flute player, possibly the most attractive part.

Scary bloke in white. Why so many men in white this year? I'm sure this guy was miming. He won't be there on Saturday.

This is a far more British entry than UK's - a Welsh guy singing and Brits involved all over the place in this. My first impression a few weeks ago wasn't great but now I quite like it. I guess it's not winning material but hope it goes through.

Three model-like girls. Six very long legs. Pretty, but pretty unco-ordinated movement. They can certainly sing but maybe not that popular for all that.

♪Georgia ▲ ►
This was awful in its first outing on the video. Much better now although being tossed around by yet another scary guy in a white suit may have contributed to some odd notes. Passionate. If it was just the girl on stage it'd be much better. You kinda want Georgia to go through, though.

Another well-backed track with the bookies. One of very few rock entries. Extraordinary girl robot with odd shaped boobs strips at the end but the cameraman seems to miss most of it. Odd but may get through with those wanting a heavy track as there's no competition at all in this group.

▲ better on stage than in initial video
▼ worse on stage than before!
► the ten I thought should go through to the final
♪ the ones that did - no Sweden! That's the big surprise. Georgia, Armenia and Romania going through will damage Azerbaijan's chances a bit.
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