Saturday, May 08, 2010

Dorothy: last 6 become the final 4

Danielle 7½
She's really looking the part this week. Unfortunately On my own was off in places,a very difficult song to get right, admittedly, although she expressed the emotions well and I'm hoping that last week's absolutely amazing performance will flow over into this week to her credit as she is a star in the making.

Jessica 6½
Well-acted and presented version of Supercalifragilsiticexpialidocious but her expression was quite scary at times and not exactly Dorothy-like. The running around and legs took one's attention away from the voice. [Strangely, viewers overnight voted to put her and Danielle in the bottom two and Lord Andrew had a tough decision to make but, in my view, made the right one.]

Steph 6
I felt she was trying just a bit too hard tonight. Not looking as good either, maybe the make-up department had been under the weather.

Jenny 9½
With Send in the clowns this girl has delivered yet another of my favourite numbers. Almost flawlessly. She would also be a popular Dorothy as I can see her acting really well. [Obviously the Lord didn't as she was the first to go, although not the lowest in public votes.]

Sophie 10
Excellent song to show off her looks and charm and she also sang very very well.

Lauren 6
Brilliant singing, putting everyone else in the shade in that respect and yet she just doesn't seem to fit Dorothy. She could easily make a living on the stage with more serious, less girlie, parts but I simply don't think she suits this role. Should have been 20pts but that would imply she'll stay which I don't think she should as two go tonight. [Survived the first cut but, as the one with the lowest public vote, which must have told the Lord something about how she appears rather than sounds, may still be going.] [No, she survived and actually rose out of the bottom two overnight. My guess is that there's no clear front runner in this series, and it really is turning into anyone's guess.]
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