Saturday, May 01, 2010

Dorothy last 7

Steph 11
Heavy-handed and a bit raucous for my taste. She can certainly act (and overact, unfortunately). Seemed to miss bits or maybe that was a bad arrangement thing. Assuming, though, that that was what she was supposed to do, she was excellent and impressive. [Voters clearly picked up on the negatives too as she was in the bottom two but saved by Andrew Lloyd Webber]

Jenny 7½
A comfortable performance. I still like this girl but would so much have preferred the brooding, hot summer night version of Feeling Good.

Sophie 8
Nice voice. Gentle performance but not exceptional. Perhaps too much effort is being made by everyone on this damned interpretation which is really beginning to annoy me.

Danielle 20
Brilliant! Perfect choice. She can dance and the whole thing was so natural.

Lauren 7
Good. Very difficult song to deliver, especially following Danielle. Not the easiest on the eye, particularly when she's acting sad and angry. Maybe not the best choice of song.

Stephanie 6
Unusual interpretation of one of my favourite songs, Mr Bojangles. I sort of got what she was doing but she took some huge risk. She should get away with it as I see her in the Dorothy role. [She didn't and in the most emotional and unexpected departure of the series left everyone in tears]

Jessica 7
Professional. Well done albeit lacking a bit of character and shade. Another I find a little odd to look at.
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