Monday, October 04, 2010

Wild cards and wild rumours as 12 may be 16 on X Factor

Looks like there'll be more than 12 in the 'Final 12' on Saturday with all kind of fascinating digital rumblings about wild cards. I'm only guessing but it seems like a good idea to get some more publicity and also maybe run along the lines of Simon's "I think I've made a mistake" in years before or someone who's name I forget now rushing after a bunch of lads who thought they'd failed auditions for Joseph.

There's also bags of fun to be had with Tesco references for Mary but no McDonalds name drop for Raquel, Mary's sales of a massive 19 in the first week for a record she released after winning an Irish talent show in 2008 and some seem to think she's a Westlife member's aunt. Gee, that'll help her a lot. Add to that Katie's several akas and having performed with Storm some time ago and no doubt more I haven't found yet.

The ramblings worth some attention, though, are those of people spotting the judges in some of the reject's home towns giving legs to the story that Paije, TreyC, Diva Fever and Wagner (Wagner??!!) will get some kind of second chance. If it weren't for Wagner's inclusion in that list I'd have been more impressed but I'm still reasonably content to spread the gossip.

And the Gamu thing's a separate matter altogether! More tears I fear.
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