Sunday, October 31, 2010

X Factor: week 4 results

This was more like 80s night  First Bon Jovi  trots out a greatest hit from, yes, you guessed it, his Greatest Hits album. It sort of started and finished and you sort of wondered where it went. It was so familiar and he seemed to be thinking of the cheque he'd be getting all the way through anyway. Then JK came and went, making absolutely no impression whatsoever apart from doing his best to make up for some badmouthing of the show a while ago. Then Rhianna in red hair and a silly dress that Lady Gaga might have worn in the 80s performed a bland number we'll all forget apart from the fun bun throwing party behind her.At least she was live and nice to see her giggle. Oh yes, she had a single to promote, although hardly much point as Apple made a few more bob from her announcing it was already Number 1 on iTunes. That's another cheque for her too. JK must be wondering why he only got one.

Oh, it was a results show, wasn't it. Belle Amie vs  Katie. Wagner got quite a few boos when he got through. That's just mad as his performance had absolutely nothing anyone in their right mind could conceivably wish to pay money to vote for. Katie was convincing and desperate. Belle Amie were better than I'd expected but still a bit desperate and very nervous. They've used up all their lives now. They'd have been around a while longer, perhaps, if sense had guided voters but probably not that much longer anyway.
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