Saturday, November 06, 2010

X Factor: Week 5

Matt and Wand Erection totally out-performed the other 8 tonight. Cher and Aiden tagged along and ought to be safe. Mary, Paije and TreyC stumbled and may have to call their supporters up themselves to remind them to vote to avoid the awful Wagner getting through once again. which he certainly shouldn't. In fact this is becoming a show of two halves: Pop Idol and What Konni Did Next with the also rans being more entertaining on ITV2 just chatting.

Cher 14
New York suits her and she tweaked Alicia Keys track well and will sail through this week. Having said that, it wasn't a performance that was stunning.

Mary 4
That didn't work. It was like she'd forgotten the words, the tune even but realised she hadn't got much choice but to carry on. Luckily the musicians knew the tune and she followed it a second or so afterwards. Not good. Lousy choice by Louis. Not quite sure who on earth was screaming for her in the audience unless large 50-year-old women now appeal to teenagers. Very odd. The only reason I'd like to see her survive is that if she doesn't then the Brazilian old bloke will still be there.

Katie 9
Nice version of No Doubt's Don't speak. Again, she shouldn't be anywhere near the bottom two. I could actually imagine her doing New York as well as Cher, which is interesting. Not sure how many new votes she'll have got, though.

Aiden 15
He's sort of got through unnoticed so far. Odd performances that, luckily, have appealed to enough of telephone land so far. Now he's the young one that isn't in Wand Erection. Tonight really ought to change that. Anyone thinking he'd listen to Danii and drop the intensity forget it as he launched into Prince or Sinead's Nothing Compares To U, one of the most intense songs around short of some REM numbers (Everybody Hurts next week?). Apparently all at less than 24 hours' notice too.

Paije 8
I'm a Believer merged with something else in the middle. Fun but hardly winning material. Neil Diamond is probably glad he's just got back to New York and missed this.

Rebecca  9
All very competent but, just minutes after she'd finished I have genuinely forgotten what she sang. The judges were terribly impressed and I guess she must have been good but somehow I don't see where she fits in yet. She'll be around next week anyway when perhaps I'll get another chance to latch on to whatever it is everyone sees in this girl.

Wagner 3
The Wonder of You bit was vaguely reasonable. The Viva Las Vega bit was rubbish. Really, the whole thing was rubbish. I have no idea why he's still there.

Matt 20
Now that was stunning. Roberta Flack's The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face is one tough song at the best of times. Quite extraordinarily well delivered.

TreyC 5
Off-key at the start and missing the beat most of the way through. Some very painful notes further on didn't make up for a couple of good ones. I think she's probably got as far as she's going to go. Whilst she wasn't the worst tonight, she could well be at risk tonight.

1 Direction 16

Kids in America was a brilliant choice by Simon. Zahn was late as usual but he's improving and this suited them absolutely down to the ground and will have bags of appeal. They'll be back, no problem. 

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