Saturday, November 27, 2010

X Factor Week 8

It looked being another less than inspiring week. Only Cher and Katie seemed to shine in the first half and get into the mood in the first half, the others, including Wagner, doing OK but not a lot more and, in Mary's case, quite a lot less. Then Matt did "Nights In White Satin" and Cher finished off in cheekily fine style (for a girl singing the lyrics meant for a guy!) doing "Walk This Way", booking their places alongside Wand Erection for next week. But who will join them? Katie, or maybe Rebecca if she actually moves, should, but I have a horrible feeling someone else will.

Wagner 6+2
Remarkably, his rendition of Creep wasn't at all bad. I never imagined I'd ever write that. "I'm a weido. I shouldn't be here." Too right. Well done, though. Oh dea, that means he'll be back again.
Back to usual rubbish with Addicted To Love done very badly. Yuck.

1 Direction 8+14
One of my All-Time Top 20 tracks, Summer of '69 was always going to be a crowd pleaser. There were OK but didn't do the track any justice really and nothing very inspiring. It was also truncated ridiculously which largely reduced the meaning of the lyrics to garbage which was a shame.
Not sure where "You are so beautiful" fits into rock week but never mind. Three of the Five lads crooned well and that was quite a smart move. Improvement on their first effort.

Mary 5+4
All I Want Is You is a brilliant U2 track which worked quite well for the old bat but I still don't want to watch her wrecking any more tunes I like. She was distinctly off-key at times which I hope the voters notice.
A horrifying version of Brass In Pocket that I couldn't watch all the way through followed. Desperately trying to restore the vision of Chrissie Hynde that I should have lodged in my brain. Ah, that's better. Mary should be in the bottom two this time, at last.

Cher 16+13
Cool version of the young Girlfriend track. Lively and spot on. We'll be seeing lots more of her, one way or another. Followed up with Walk This Way. Interesting lyrics for a girl but coolly done.

Rebecca 7+7
U2 again. Another Joshua Tree track too with I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. Effortless and very smooth but pretty boring and not something people would rush out to buy. Don't know whether that'll do her much good. Luckily she has another song this week.
Who can sing "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" and stay rooted to the spot? Rebecca can. Not bad, not brilliant. A bit different which might help and she's quite original.

Matt 7+19
He sand "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" but really wasn't very convincing. Neither here nor there. Sung well but uninspiring and that won't be on his first album if Simon has anything to do with it. Nice girls on stage with him, though. That helped.
Second half: Wow! What an incredible version of "Nights In White Satin". He sounded like all the Moody Blues. Excellent.

Katie 15+11
Sex On Fire worked very well for her. I would like to have seen her coming out even stronger and louder but that was enough to get Jamie Afro out of my head which was quite an achievement. Could she have made it back into this competition? Dunno. Hope so.
Everybody Hurts, another of my Top 20, so she'd damn well do it justice. Good effort - way too short but impressive and believable. The dress was dreadful. Someone do something about her appearance if she's still there next week.
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