Sunday, November 14, 2010

X factor: Week 6 results

Harry's getting all the camera focus in Wand Erection. Paije seems to have caught the Zahn bug of suddenly realising he should be singing and starting a second after he should. Of course in the mime-to-the-track we get at the start it's even funnier as the Jacket Potato was mouthing but forgot that he should be mouthing into the mike so double-take 1 'oops I should be singing' followed by double-take 2 'oops I should be using the mike'. Hilarious.

Katie is finally getting some good make-up and style advice. So much better with Russell Brand on his honeymoon and someone a bit more traditional taking over while he's away. Reminds me a bit of Siobhan from AI9. How on earth she's going to get enough votes to survive, though, with Rage Against The Machine supporters prodding their mobiles every weekend for Wagner and keeping him out of the bottom two, I don't know.

Christmas must be approaching with JLS, Westlife and Take That featuring Robbie Williams on the stage one after the other. Remarkable. I have to say Robbie stole the show with a fabulous piece of writing by Gary Barlow. Howard Donald. Just thought I'd give him a name check as he never seems to get a mention. Nice to see the production company spending some of the profits though. Kylie can't have been cheap last week either.

Now it ought to be Mary and Wagner in the bottom two (again) but my prediction was that it'll be Paije and Katie (again) and Louis saves the Jacket Potato by allowing it to go to the public vote numbers. A better racial mix for the XFactor tour too although they may have to give Edgware, Bradford and Luton a miss.

Up until Wagner's name was called it was almost as if the voters were being sensible. I thought I'd got my prediction right but it was Aiden that was dumped this time. I guess that made it easier for the judges at any rate. As they wandered forlornly off the stage to prepare for the sing-off you could almost hear them saying 'How on earth can the public believe Wagner and Mary have more 'XFactor' and could possibly be more suitable for a hectic teenage XFactor tour next year than us?' Oh well, I suppose they can now include a few care homes and village halls on the itinerary.

Expecting Katie to do one of her pleading, begging things but I guess she realised she didn't stand a chance against Aiden who cut down on the weird stuff just to be on the safe side too. Less likely to be emotional, Aiden was thrown on first and pranced slightly oddly, showing an Olly move or two, giving a very solid performance. Katie has an ability to produce just the right songs for the occasion and, for what it's worth, I thought she was excellent. Preparing to write Sad to see her go I was genuinely shocked that it was Aiden who went and Katie lives to fight again. Watch the headlines tomorrow.

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