Sunday, November 21, 2010

X Factor: week 7 results: Brazilian Bucket stuffs the Jacket Potato

A complete farce with Wagner getting more votes than Cher. Farewell to the Jacket Potato. I really wouldn't object if someone did fiddle the votes and get rid of Wagner now as it's totally spoiling the show and even I'm beginning to thinking about giving up whilst Rage Against The Machine or whoever's behind the Brazilian Bucket continue to get away with this mad mangling of the vote numbers.

Nice to see Olly back and bringing some much-needed chirpiness back to the stage. His vote went to Wand Erection so it's really now down to which the other two are going to be for that all-important final.

Mary's miming on the Heroes track was rubbish. Aiden reminded us that he shouldn't have gone last week being one of the two recognisable elements on the single, Cher being the other.

I'm posting this before Cher stops singing. If I'm wrong then never mind. I can fix it later.
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