Sunday, November 07, 2010

X Factor: Week 5 results

You have to hand it to the X Factor production team; the set, backdrop, and lighting are visually damn good. I'm getting a bit tired of the judges having to go through the motions of walking out at the start of every show and wasting five minutes but I suppose that's cheaper than getting someone to perform.

The contestants must be hoping that if they win they'll get some better songwriters than Shayne Ward has had since winning in 2005. Peter Dickson (the Voice) beefed him up as best he could but by my calculations all the boomed plaudits were due almost entirely to earlier this century.

Kylie would definitely get my vote even though the new single sounds like something Pete Waterman wrote in the bath.

I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that only about 40 people can be bothered to vote each week so there's just a vote or two at most between Matt and Wand Erection at the top with 5 each and the bottom two, with 3 each. That has to be the only reason Wagner's still there and 'voted' as better than TreyC and Katie. Ridiculous.

Katie showed some cool nerve with a highly personal Don't Give Up On Me simply sitting on the stage after quietly announcing "Sod it" and I can imagine how it must have felt to watch Mary and Wagner in the safe seats. The right decision, in my view, was made and Katie must have been so relieved that it didn't go to the public vote.
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