Saturday, October 16, 2010

X Factor: 14 There'll be tears tomorrow

We're used to seeing some absolute crap in the early weeks of X Factor but, with one obvious exception, all the acts did a good job, Matt and Diva Fever spectacularly well and if the mp3 downloads that people can get after the show are eligible for the charts then one or two acts will actually be in the Top Twenty next week. This will be most frustrating for people like Storm, Paije, John and maybe even Katie and Aiden who put in good efforts but, in this year's crowd could be vulnerable. There'll be tears tomorrow.

Storm 10
A brave move to take on The Boss, and with Born to Run which regularly gets voted the number 1 pop song of all time. I like this guy but not so sure many voters will. He made a professional job of it - an almost faultless performance, great stuff. He just doesn't look right but that's largely Louis' fault. Star appeal? Not sure.

TreyC 15
Purple Rain brought back comparisons with Ruth Lorenzo who fought back with this track when in the bottom two at some stage in 2008 (I think). It was a really good performance but still, despite a marvellous vocal and looking good on stage, there was something missing. She's set a high bar for her rival Rebecca to get over, though, and for the next few weeks, that's what it's all about. Dermot took a huge chance with his "Hate to see you go but love to watch you leave" remark. Expect to hear more of that on twitter!

Paije 6½
Neither here nor there really. He won't be topping the polls and much depends on how the others that follow him fare. It was OK but watching him doesn't match listening to him and neither the song nor his delivery did anything for me that makes me say he should be around much longer.

1 Direction 13
Or Wand Erection as they're beginning to get known in other circles. Some very dodgy vocals at the start and from Zane in the middle and at the end but rescued by great performance and the other three generally. In a way, I have a feeling it wouldn't matter much anyway as there is a huge following building up and they'll be safely through. They been turned into pop stars and I predict we'll hear a lot more of them.

Cher 12
A bit weird this week. She can rap and strut well and is great when in her own attitude zone but the intermixing softer vocal was on the edge and occasionally about to fall off. Bags of modern star quality, though, and, like Wand Erection before her, that's what the show's all about.

John 8
This was a nice track and sung well. I just don't remember it now, a few minutes later. Sorry. I rather think that's what'll happen to him unless Louis comes up with something, assuming he gets a chance.

Diva Fever 16
Top performance of the night so far. Brilliant choice of track by Simon and prefect set and clothes. I'd never heard the song before but it's an instant hit and, another prediction, that'll be in the shops just as soon as contracts allow. The real credit has to go to the three girls doing the catchy ooh ooh bits but I have to say that what we did hear from the boys was spot on, albeit mimed for some reason best known to the producers. Pity they didn't lay down a track for Harry and the Wand boys a bit earlier.

Rebecca 15
She equalled TreyC and may have beaten her with a cool performance of a difficult Nina Simone track that was faultless. I don't quite see the star billing that the judges were giving her but, yes, I can see her selling some records wherever she comes in this competition.

Aiden 9
Something tells me he's trying too hard. He could be great but there were important notes that didn't work and that is simply not on for such a great track as Jealous Guy. If he'd taken it with less intensity it would have been more believable. He could be in trouble this week, despite having bags of talent, as so many others are getting so much so right this week.

Wagner 1
That was awful. I preferred the ad break. He has to go - he's just interrupting a show of genuine potential stars. Pointless. Ken Doddio in 70s gear.

Katie 11
A beautiful song. I remember suggesting that Didi Benami, a brilliant American Idol contestant, did I'd Rather Go Blind last year so it's great to see someone picking up on this. She did well and, although, I'd have preferred her not to seem to have been trying so hard and to have given a more gentle, quieter performance which would have come across as more confident than this slightly desperate few minutes, she may have done enough to win back some voters. I hope so, at any rate.

Belle Amie 16
Well done, Simon! Cool choice picking You Really Got Me for the girls to have fun with on stage. It worked and the crowd loved it. All three groups have done well this week but I think the real girls have just beaten the others on this occasion. I'm not sure how they'll manage to hang together as they are quite diverse as individuals still but we should get a chance to see and hear some more.

Mary 14
Excellent performance. Still not someone whose CD I would see kids rushing out to buy but it would make a nice present for Grandma. And if Grandmas across the nation are doing the voting then she'll do well and should certainly be back for another week or three.

Matt 17
He stole the show with an amazing version of Amazing and I'm so pleased that everyone seems to be recognising the talent he has. If anyone deserves to win the X Factor for the current generation then Matt does. I'm just glad I got my bet on him early enough as the odds must be shortening now. Brilliant.
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