Saturday, October 02, 2010

X factor: at the judges' houses Pt1

I still haven't opened that link that I published in mid September with the actual Top 12. So here's my review and I guess tomorrow I'll either be very embarrassed or relieved to be still vaguely on the ball!

Danii has by far the toughest job but possibly the best chance of choosing the ultimate winner if she selects Matt, Aiden and Paije. Paije is a certainty. Matt is brilliant but she may feel he doesn't fit the X Factor mould. If he gets through then he's my current bet to win. Tom would be a decent alternative to Aiden. Either will be so disappointed not to get through. I expect to see whoever she chooses from these being there pretty much up to Christmas.

Simon's task looks hellish too and for some reason best known to ITV we've seen little of any of the groups so I find it almost impossible to predict on such flimsy evidence. However Princes & Rogues and One Direction shone tonight. Bella Mi too and FYE but then I wonder whether he'll go for ratings and book Diva Fever for entertainment value? Twem would be the dark horse. Husstle disappointingly average. The Reason - competent but so 90s!

Cheryl has the girls and I rather suspect the tears will be flooding Astcot (well, have flooded Astcot whenever it was recorded) as well as a few living rooms tomorrow as Gamu fails to make it through and Cher does. Keri and TreyC could join Cher. I've hardly noticed Raquel or Rebecca - either would be a real dark mare if they have shown something to Cheryl that I missed. I don't see Cher winning now unless the image team straighten up her expression and song choices are inspirational enough to let her prove she has a wider range. Top 4, yes. Anastasia would have walked through any other year. She'll be sad too.

Louis, poor old Louis has the odd balls. Some are just mad and their presence must depress those who didn't even get this far! Storm deserves a place - he can sing really well, with passion and can entertain. Forget Johann, Stephen, Spock - I mean Justin - and Julie. That only leaves John, Mary and Elesha. Mary seemed inevitable but I'm not so sure she'll sell records and Louis does have some sense. So he could go for the other two. To be honest, though, it won't make much difference unless one of them suddenly comes to life live.

So, it's Paije Matt Aiden, maybe Tom or Marlon | Cher Keri TreyC or Rebecca | One Direction Diva Feva FYE maybe Princes & Rogues or Bela Mi | Storm Elesha John maybe Mary
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