Saturday, October 30, 2010

X Factor: week 4

This will be an interesting week. Behind the crazy costumes, ranging from Mary's Tesco horns to others' carefully and expensively applied make-up and costumes lie a few people who are fabulous and a bundle who'd be better baking the potatoes for Bonfire Night. One should even be on the ruddy bonfire. After a brilliant week last week, this was mostly eminently forgettable. Matt battling with the Leona Lewis Bleeding Love was one exception and Cher the clear highlight.

Wagner and Belle Amie are in trouble tomorrow. Having said that, Mary, Paije and TreyC could be in for a shock. TreyC if only for the black lipstick.

Mary 8
You can't deny she puts in a good solid performance. I'm just not sure what for. She isn't X Factor material. At least not what I think should be and she and the old Brazilian bloke are taking up spots that could have given a chance to other new pop talent. She's going to go eventually, though, however well she can sing other people's 70s songs.

Aiden 12
Brave, brave attempt. Total re-working of Thriller.  Intense, again, which seems to be becoming his trade mark. I don't know how much he'll be appreciated. He could be at risk as I feel that the people who vote may not be the type who vote for this type of work.

Belle Amie 6
Decidedly off at times, as some of the girls seemed almost to wait for the right time to start and two individual vocals were quite annoying to listen to. One, I wish I knew which, really showed some effort to pull the others along and make Venus a bit different and their own but how can they survive another week on her efforts? They'll be in trouble again, I fear, and I do have to wonder whether, however nice they look and good they may be individually, they can be serious contenders in this competition.

Rebecca 14
A golden opportunity with this very cool Chris Isaak track. She almost took it. A remarkable, static, performance and mostly in pitch and tune but, maybe it was the backing track that didn't work, something went amiss and her eyes seemed to show she noticed it too. She'll be through for a good few more weeks yet and if Cheryl continues to pick such great tracks then she'll be in the final three. In a way, she showed both Aiden and Mary just what they could have done but didn't.

TreyC 8
I really don't like that black lipstick. Good effort at a complicated song. I remember Lulu entering in the middle of the Take That track and setting it truly alight. This didn't happen as she attempted to lead all the way through. She's always really right on the notes and powerful and talented and deserves to outlast several of her competitors. One or two good weeks could transform her chances, although she's not showing signs of being someone we'll remember in years to come. Not yet, at any rate.

Matt 16
Another stunning performance. How on earth he managed to make Bleeding Love his own and not just a copy is a credit to his ability. Excellent.

Wagner 3
The three points were for the opera bit at the start. Had he carried on he may well have done better. Unfortunately, it switched, and none too smoothly, to Bat Out Of Hell. I was worried that MeatLoaf  might appear at any moment and run the guy down on a motorbike. Actually, I wasn't that worried. The guy's got to go and after such a crap performance, this could be the night.

Paije 8
Paije doing Amy Winehouse nearly worked. He seemed to wake up half-way through and realised that he wasn't just singing along to a backing track. He may have left things a bit late, though. He's a kind of average guy who really isn't going to win.

Katie 12
She's good. Vocally spot on and clearly professional, moving around far more than almost everyone else tonight. I'm not sure she's yet made enough friends to stay for long but she doesn't deserve to go tonight.

1 Direction 15
Great choice of track with Total Eclipse of The Heart. Simon got the two strongest vocals up front and the rest joined in which made the whole performance so much better. As always seems to be the case, Zahn looked around and realised he should be singing at the end and seemed to be apologising to the others before he'd finished the last wobbly note. Still, the crowd totally loves them and I think voters do too.

Cher 20
Absolutely brilliant. One of the best X factor / Pop Idol performances ever. She even looked good. If she can keep that up then the final 3 will be a fascinating Matt-1 Direction - Cher play off.

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