Sunday, October 24, 2010

X Factor week 3 results

Usual bland start-off song when the vast majority must be wondering why on earth they have to do sing-a-long when they're in a show to become unique individual pop stars. The highlight for me was Wagner whose only line was "Why? Why?" to which, of course, only the coffee and wax people have the answer.

Watching Michael BublĂ© my mind wandered past the Facebook entries I'll be shortly be inundated with from female friends to whatever happened to little Ray? He came second a while ago to the remarkable Leona Lewis.  Or do I remember  anything at all about Leon who ruddy well won the year after? Not a lot and nothing, respectively. On that basis, who knows what will happen this year? John wins and just pips Mary. Louis is beaming and repeating That's what the show is all about to a bemused Dermot O'Leary. I have to say Dermot   is doing a damn fine job in difficult circumstances and could teach American Idol's Ryan Seacrest a thing or two. With his brilliant Radio 2 on Saturday apparently also live from 2 to 5 he must be knackered, but a lot better off, by Monday.

Belle Amie, Aiden and Katie looked particularly worried from the start. They needn't have been as the crazy voters decided not to vote for TreyC in rock chick guise or John because they probably hadn't noticed him. neither should have been standing there at the end of the evening but, of the two, TreyC was the right choice to survive.
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