Sunday, October 17, 2010

X Factor: the farce continues

Storm must have been worried when he was placed with Wagner (that's Varrgner, Louis, not that that matters now) in the let's all sing along to a modern track intro. Katie got the first slot and Cher the star billing although the camera seemed to linger longest on the eight Belle Amie legs. Paije smiled slightly desperately in the darkness and Diva Fever looked as though they were carrying on the party they probably started last night. Aiden repeated his I'm going to put my head on one side and look terribly serious look and one has to wonder what on earth he'll do in Abba week if he lasts that long.

Who goes tonight will either be the sensible choice for a programme that is attempting to find a real future recording artist or the two that get the least votes from grannies and people with more mobiles than sense.

Just as a reminder about how people can get things wrong, Diane Vickers appeared, totally transformed from the girl on a swing to Britney Spears with longer legs and fewer mental issues. That was the year Eoghan Quigg beat her. Alexandra Burke and JLS deservedly beat her too but she should have had that place in the final.

Katy Perry left Russell Brand at home with the au pair and added to the evening's evidence for the case that fat girls don't make pop stars. She would have been better with a backing track as, despite all the effort, her attempt to promote Fireworks fell way short of California Girls or, for that matter, any of her other hits.

Storm duly exited stage left and may have expected to have been vulnerable. Few youngsters I meet seem to like his 80s revivalist approach and no-one liked the magenta hair and black eyes so he wasn't going to win. Anyone being kicked off the show while the old Brazilian remains must be inclined to lose the will to live though and, as I rather hinted yesterday, the real tears were for Diva Fever and Belle Amie, forced to perform again. With Diva Fever we were taken back to the 70s with a somewhat inappropriate I Will Survive and even less attractive brown trousers. Belle Amie risked Big Girls Don't Cry and did.

My guess is that the public vote would have sent Belle Amie home but they survived and it was farewell Diva Fever. I also reckon, had he had a chance, Simon would have kept them as I do think they could be packaged and appeal a lot, admittedly to a niche market, and I still maintain we'll see yesterday's track in the charts before long. Again, though, on current performance, and particularly Belle Amie's nervous effort this evening, neither looked like winners and Diva Fever probably the least likely and they had to go sometime.
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