Friday, March 11, 2016

Australia look like improving upon their 2015 5th place.

This is Australia's Dami Im, the South Korean winner of their The Voice show. She is an extremely good singer and performer and, listening to some of her previous efforts, I came to the conclusion that she was a very likely winner this year if they found a suitable song.

If they found a suitable song... The trouble is, I am not sure they have. Sound Of Silence isn't the Paul Simon number but a new ballad, quite a strong number but which includes an odd pronunciation of the word silence with equal emphasis on each syllable for some reason I can't quite figure. It sounds wrong. Dami looks lovely. She hits every note where it needs to be hit and will, I am sure, be dressed perfectly and just wow the audience on the night with her grace and power. However, one slightly more catchy and less annoyingly phrased number could still beat her.

No, I don't know what that number is. If there isn't one then she may make it and I certainly placed a bet while her odds were very long but I feel she is just in the melting pot with Russia and others yet to emerge and winning will be more by luck than judgement.

To be honest, UK's entry is sounding quite catchy and if they can sort out the presentation to avoid the poor start and emphasise the mid-range stronger tones of the two boys and enhance catchy bits then they are in with a chance this year. I'll publish a video as and when there's a better one than their TV show win which was not very spectacular.

There is also Sweden still to declare.

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