Monday, March 21, 2016

United Kingdom get an improved version of their entry

The United Kingdom entry has been improved a bit. It has a slightly stronger start and stronger, less complicated, beat. It also seems to get to the catchy bit quicker as well but I fear that, unless the boys can do exceptionally well with the solo notes on the night - the register just seems totally wrong for Joe - this isn't going to do terribly well. Having said that, if they do manage, somehow, to get everything right then it is as catchy as the French number, currently predicted to be Top 5, and they could then match that.

It will be a messy competition at the top with changes all through the evening, I suspect, and the winner will depend upon the audience votes added on at the end. I reckon Russia will be leading but will not get the audience votes which will help Sweden, Australia, Croatia, France and even UK. In that mêlée, anything can happen!

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