Friday, March 04, 2016

Ireland's entry is just meaningless and not even meaningless in a Eurovision way.

Ireland add yet another earthy bloke in his late 20s / early 30s with stubble, basically copying Sweden without realising that Sweden won last year and have now moved on, and it is unusual for the same type of thing to win twice. It isn't the 70s any more when La La La could follow Boom Bang A Bang and get away with it.

The song is really pretty meaningless too which would have been great in the 1970s but now if it is going to be meaningless then it has to sound interesting at least or have a catch you simply can't get rid of and finish up voting for without necessarily meaning to. That's meaningless 2016 style.

So, sorry, Ireland. The country's had a tough time at Eurovision for a while, much like ourselves but they will never be forgiven for the Turkey thing or the way Jedward ruined an otherwise brilliant song a few years back.

I can't be bothered to publish the video. It just isn't worth the effort but you can see the bloke here.
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