Friday, March 04, 2016

We can probably forget Latvia and Switzerland 2016 but Ukraine won't let us forget 1944

Latvia have yet another earnest and good-looking bloke with stubble, performing with lots of graphics. Cool sound effects but it all goes horribly wrong a third of the way through.

The chorus is OK but I can't see this going very far. Make up your own mind here.

Switzerland's Rykka has a certain attraction. She is blonde and looks like something out of the 1930s but she seems to have real trouble with high notes on what might have been a decent track. She looks sweet and the song has its good moments but I doubt it'll get very far in this competition. Switzerland really do have a habit of messing up with their song choices.

Ukraine has an entry that is controversial with its reference to invasion of Ukraine in 1944 and is bound to be seen as a side-swipe at Big Red for events in Crimea and other land along its Eastern border.

Quite how this will work for them as a Eurovision entry I don't know. It is classy and Jamala has an amazing voice, extremely professional. Not the usual pin-up girl, half-naked, drum bashing here. I feel it will get respect and nods of approval from some countries and may make the Top 10. Ukraine nearly always do make the Top 10 anyway. It could be a highly controversial winner but unless something happens to swing people's votes specifically in Ukraine's direction between now and the Final, I think they will get token 5s and 6s from supporters. Now, that might be all that's needed in an open year and who knows what the competition will be with so many still to be announced.

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