Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Belgium: another possible Top 10 but they shouldn't give up on the chocolate this year

This is Belgium's pretty respectable entry. What's The Pressure is a title and some of the track has been borrowed from Queen as well as some of the title. There is also a bit of Uptown Funk  going on in the background so it covers a few bases. The singer's good and seems relaxed on the big stage. My guess is that she is a young chart star there. Any song that has the line "we are invincible.." is asking for trouble, though, and, despite a good baseline and some energetic afros backing her, not a great deal actually happens and you're left wondering where the hook might have been and whether you missed it or, perhaps, it just wasn't there.

Anyway, it'll get a decent number of votes and is a possible Top 10, depending upon what else is in the lists. Early days, yet.

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