Thursday, March 10, 2016

San Marino and Croatia may not be there on the night but Australia and South Korea will be.

San Marino

Oh dear. This reminds me of Charles Aznavour but without the charm. It's another bloke with a beard. Older this time and he does a spoken bit in low range, almost bring Telly Savalas in on the act too. He is also bald. It's a moderately pretty little number but I don't think the bald bloke with the big nose and, especially if he still has a strap across his head, will appeal a great deal to voters. Make your own mind up.


They have a reasonable song with a Baltic feel about it at the start. The girl has a nice tone of voice and the quarter tone flicker always appeals to me. It is definitely one of the better Balkan entries but it remains a bit weak and needs more to make it memorable and get attention. The song is called Lighthouse and it is, indeed, quite 'light' but won't light up the house on the night.


I have only heard snippets of the Australian entry but it has a superb singer doing it in Dami Im. She has a South Korean background and so Eurovision will have not only the oddity of an Australian entry again this year but also, I think, one of the first singers from South Korea or even a country in that area. She is popular there and won Australia's The Voice with some impressive covers.

Titled Sound of Silence,  I did wonder whether they had somehow managed to tweak Paul Simon's song into an entry! It's not as good as I had expected. The song doesn't flow brilliantly from what I've heard and success will be down to how much of Dami's personality comes across and adds to the overall impression. I would not, though, underestimate her ability to win this thing.

As soon as I get it I will publish the song in this blog.

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