Saturday, March 05, 2016

France may have you singing the you-oo-oo bit. Israel and Montenegro won't.

France have a good entry this year. They did have the favourite a few years back but the singer completely failed to do the song justice on the night. Here, with a fast and solid driving beat, Amir, who is yet another bloke with a beard this year, should be fine on the night. With a backing group doing the you-oo-oo-oo-oo bit all should be well.

This is one of the better ones so far and should make Top 10 although it won't be remembered much after the event, I suspect. But that's the point - grab the voters' attention for the evening and get them to support you and you'll beat songs that may actually be brilliant but take more than one play.

Montenegro give us flashing lights and a heavy number which even includes some disco synth work in places. I don't think this will work live, though, unless they are very fortunate and talented. Lots going on in the equipment department and the video has a very earnest and energetic blonde dancing in a tight black swim suit. She's eminently watchable but is unlikely to have much impact on the night.

Israel follow the tend for having a single electronic beat prominent in the track, especially at the start. It's a pleasant enough number and, for a change the singer doesn't have a beard. There really is nothing to remember about this song, though, and towards the end it all gets a bit frantic and it all goes wrong anyway.

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