Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Slovenia reprise the Bucks Fizz dress thing.

Slovenia haven't had a great deal of luck for a while. They have had some good songs but the performances on the night have been poor and in several years they haven't even made the Final. This ought to make the Final. An effortless performance by Manuella helps this simple pop song along. It has pretty meaningless English lyrics but at least the words do rhyme in the right places.

So many acts seem to strain but this is a well-chosen song for the singer and sits exactly in the middle of her register and her performance is so much better as a result when compared to many of the other entrants this year who seem to struggle at some point or just give weak notes.

She starts off in a white jacket that reminds me of the Danish Navy girl a few years ago. Near the end, though, her two rather strict-looking, black-dressed backing singers advance and rip it off. I don't really get the point as there is a fairly crushed and creased red dress underneath and the whole thing doesn't quite work on any level. They obviously watched some old editions of the show and liked Bucks Fizz. I'd be inclined either to ditch that move or, at least have some blue dress first that switches to red maybe.

I would also ask her make-up team to have another go. I am no expert but, for me, she could be much more attractive without the 80s style extended eyebrows or eye liner, I don't know which. Fix the way she looks and the dress removal, cheer up the backing singers, put them in white or something less menacing and this will be a popular track. Not a winner though.

There's no video that I can add in here yet but this link will take you to the on-line one.

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