Saturday, March 12, 2016

The UK Eurovision entry needs a lot of work.

By my calculations there are just five more songs to be released for Eurovision 2016. We're waiting for Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Serbia and the host, Sweden.

I haven't published the UK number as I was waiting for them to tweak it a bit and make it a bit more solid, especially at the start. However, you'll need to get familiar with it so here it is as it currently stands. Those first few lines really do need work. Once they reach the I, I, I bit it's pretty good but one of them is so wobbly on the lower register vocals.

Amongst these there are three nations that have won before and regularly do pretty well so no-one should really be placing any bets until we hear what they have to say, or, rather sing.

There is a lot to be said for coming out late. Assuming the Powers That Be in each nation can tweak the results of any voting or assist in the decision-making for the final number then they can take a good hard look at what is already out there and looking good and ensure that they either beat someone at their own game or distance themselves accordingly and go for a different vote.

This year there are a lot of quite good female singers with well-written songs who, in my view, lead the field. I would include amongst these the dynamic Australia, who will certainly get a lot of support, Croatia, possibly the top Balkan with a very good entry that'll pick up support across the region and a few more elsewhere too, FYR Macedonia and Italy, each with a very good singer and impressive, albeit more serious, songs and, with a slightly younger feel, Germany with a song that could do well if she performs it well and Spain who, whilst a bit old-fashioned with its la la las is actually much more current than most others. Austria has a delightful number and singer with a distinctly French sound and she ought to appeal. There very serious Ukraine deserves a mention too but I don't see her with a chance of winning.

Although there are many attempts to cash in on the Swedish bloke's style from 2015, none really seem to work that well, Russia probably being the best of that bunch and more or less guaranteed a Top 10 place again. The best bloke so far, though, seems to be the one singing for France with a very catchy number and he will do well in a field where he has little competition so far. The Netherlands have a nice number again and should do well as that, also has little real competition so will garner all the votes from people who like that sort of thing.

There are very few duos or groups of interest. In fact the UK stand quite alone with Joe and Jake's effort and really may benefit quite substantially from that and also having one of the catchiest songs this year. The only other groups I expect to see get votes are the Cyprus and Georgia Oasis bands.Neither band look like the sort of group that would give Eurovision a second glance. Cyprus have the more commercial number but Georgia the mor interesting and original. I guess neither will win but those voteres who like their styles will not have many other people to back so they will do comparatively better as a result.

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