Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Big Red mean business.

Russia really do mean business. Last year they nearly won and they've been in the top 10 almost every year, a force to be reckoned with, particularly if you rely on them for gas supplies or live somewhere they fancy bombing. Thank heavens they have stuck with a decent singer and a decent tune and not reverted to grannies.

I am assuming that this number by Sergey Lazarev is, indeed, their entry although it was released in December and I thought there was some rule about how far in advance of the competition a nation could publish its song. I doubt that Russia will want to contravene any rules, of course, so I guess this is it.

It's a good number but a trifle dated, and sounds as if someone has picked features from the last few winners and put them in this one. Handsome chap with beard. Tick. Butch voice. Tick. In tune. Tick. Key changes near the end. Tick. Computer synthesiser noise like Loreen had. Tick. Heavy beat. Tick. So far so good.

You can rely on Big Red to put on the best show and I expect they'll do graphics in a big way or some impressive set of some sort so this has to be one to watch. There will be politics to play, of course, but they'll probably break even on that front with plenty of states to support them to counter what may be some loss of votes due to events in Ukraine and Syria. In a year when there has yet to be any obvious contender, they may not need that many votes to win. Heavens, even UK has a chance!

I would have preferred them to have sent Polina back for another go but Sergey will suit a good number of fans I am sure.
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